Sunday, September 3, 2006

The battle is just beginning.

Talking Points Memo: Reader DK:
"A Republican strategist privy to much of the polling conducted in House districts said that, at this point, it is not difficult to count enough vulnerable districts to show how Democrats can take control. But he offered a cautionary point: 'I don't know of a single target race,' he said, where the Republican candidate 'has spent more than 20 percent of what they intend to spend. The battle is just beginning. That's what people really forget.'"

There are three great parties in America, the Democrats, the Republicans and the Know Nothings. The Know Nothings -- the Ignorant Indepedents -- constitute the controlling third of the American electorate.

People talk about the Republican coalition, as if those who carry the label Republican can carry an election. The key to Republican Power has been their superior ability, through disciplined message, unscrupulous slander and control of the Media, to stampede the Know Nothings. The Know Nothings are the ones, who vote on the basis of 30 second ads.

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