Friday, September 1, 2006

This year looks to be different.

The Horse's Mouth: ". . . it's hard to avoid the conclusion that the conventional wisdom is starting to shift."

People are beginning to notice that Bush is not very effective in Iraq or in the "War on Terror". And, that emergent awareness is damaging Republican electoral chances.

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  1. Bruce- You da man! I probably should have added you to my favorites before but I had to look you up after this comment at Brad Delong's place:

    You cannot compromise with the insane and hope to come out with anything, but insanity.

    The Republican Party, today, stands four-square for torture, national bankruptcy, barely limited business and political corruption, and perpetual war.

    I don't know, exactly, what the Democratic Party stands for, but it is certainly not those four things. We have a two party system, and it is the duty of the sane to make the Democratic Party work.