Friday, September 1, 2006

Ezra Klein: Got To Admit It's Getting Better

Ezra Klein looks forward to Democratic ascendancy: "Most worrisome for the GOP, but less talked about in the media, is that wages are largely stagnating even as inflation picks up. Health costs, energy prices, mortgage rates, and all the rest are easily outpacing salary growth, the realization that voters hate this unequal economy is beginning to dawn, and with it, an understanding that folks have real reason to be upset. While Congress dithers over gay marriage bills and endless Iraq resolutions, Americans are losing their health care, seeing the interest rates on their variable mortgages skyrocket, and generally losing economic ground -- and their president and politicians seem uniformly uninterested in addressing that. That's sparked an enduring resentment, one that won't fade with the heat."

My own view is that Karl Rove will have his last hurrah. The Dems will capture the House, just barely, but not the Senate.

The recession is on-coming, and nothing will stop it, and this coming recession will be painful psychologically, even if it is not particularly deep quantitatively, because it will reveal the quickening of the spiral downward.

Iraq will continue to deteriorate. Bush might even attack Iran -- may God forbid.

I'll take a longshot, and suggest that, in desperation about the prospect of losing power, Rove might decide that Cheney has to resign, giving Bush the opportunity to annoit a successor. It won't be McCain, who is too old and infirm.