Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Right, the Good and the Wrong

tristero explains the failure of the Coalition Provisional Authority to Reconstruct Iraq successfully:
"To the right, if you are Good, then you simply cannot, by definition, do wrong. So, when you're looking to fill a position of authority, you don't look for the most qualified in terms of experience. You look for the person who is the most Good. Since being a 'Christian' means you're Good, since being a Republican loyal to Bush means you're Good, that is far more important than Arab language skills. Because what does it matter if you can speak the language if you're not Good? By definition your decisions are Bad!

Therefore, from the Bush administration's standpoint, they truly believed they were hiring the best people possible to bring Iraq rapidly to its feet. Yes, of course, it was cynical politicking. But it was also, at the same time and without contradiction, utterly sincere.

And therefore, not only must Republicans be routed from Congress this fall, but Americans must fight a constant battle to ensure that in the future, these lunatics lose even more influence over the American government and never regain the presidency."

A sizeable number of Americans, to this day, do not understand why it is a really bad idea to elect as President of the United States, a lazy, ignorant, uncurious man.

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