Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Making Sense

Colonel Sam Gardner, by way of Billmon at Whiskey Bar:
"When I discuss the possibility of an American military strike on Iran with my European friends, they invariably point out that an armed confrontation does not make sense -- that it would be unlikely to yield any of the results that American policymakers do want, and that it would be highly likely to yield results that they do not. I tell them they cannot understand U.S. policy if they insist on passing options through that filter. The 'making sense' filter was not applied over the past four years for Iraq, and it is unlikely to be applied in evaluating whether to attack Iran."

I have exactly this difficulty in believing that the U.S. government will take military action against Iran.

I don't think Colonel Gardner is trying to be snarky or ironic. I think he is warning us that the worst President since Harding is going to try to surpass Pierce and Buchanan.

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