Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Carpetbagger Report: "the president can do whatever he wants"

The Carpetbagger Report "The warrantless-search story is now in its fifth day and I keep waiting for the vaunted White House political machine to come up with a compelling defense that doesn't include, "the president can do whatever he wants." I've seen these guys spin some pretty ugly facts — Bush, after all, won a second term despite an indefensible record on pretty much everything — and I've assumed it's only a matter of time before this NSA surveillance program had a set of talking points Republicans can repeat with a straight face.

"Except it hasn't happened. The administration has tried offering a few justifications for their decisions, but to date, none of them make any sense."

I remember someone telling me a story about an analysis he had read, concerning the revolution, which overthrew the Shah of Iran. The core of the story was a moment when Iranians looked around at one another and realized that they all wanted the Shah to go; all of a sudden, safety in numbers took over from fear.

That's what is bubbling under the surface of this "scandal": it is not just that there are no talking points, it is that there are damn few dittoheads to repeat them. The discipline of the Republican Party is giving way at this one point. Like a dam, beginning to break.

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