Monday, December 5, 2005

Deja Vu: Propaganda 101 -- Stoking the Hysteria

Arthur Silber sights additional storm clouds on the horizon:

Once Upon a Time...: Deja Vu: Propaganda 101 -- Stoking the Hysteria: "when recourse to another foreign policy 'crisis' may be the only life raft Bush will be able to find, a 'limited' nuclear war may be the 'solution' to his problems Bush finally decides to utilize."

Now that Bush twisting slowly in the wind, are we in for a prolonged, simmering crisis of unpopularity? Or, something more dramatic.

But, Silber brings up another, more lurid possibility. All rewarding behavior is potentially addictive. Bush's biggest thrill in life was becoming a popular, war-time President. Could he go for a repeat? Is a confrontation with Syria or Iran on the agenda?

There have been reports of talks with the Israelis about overthrowing the government of Syria. And, now rumblings about Iran?

I doubt that either project will ever come off, but serious moves in either direction are likely to raise a renewed firestorm over the Iraq War policy.

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