Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Fixing the Game - New York Times

Egad! This is a N.Y. Times editorial. Brad DeLong would call this shrill.

Fixing the Game - New York Times: "Mr. Bush and his team don't understand that they merely hold the current majority in a system designed to bring periodic changes in the governing party and to protect the rights and values of the minority party. The idea that the winners should trash the system to make sure the democratic process ended with them was discredited back around the time of the Bolsheviks."

Some would say that the following is actually the most shocking thing about the N.Y. Times editorial: "The Washington Post's Dan Eggen reported last week . . . "

Yes, that's right. The editorial page of the N.Y. Times has been reduced by Bill Keller to drawing upon its rival's reporting, the paper of record having no actual reporting of its own.

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