Thursday, December 22, 2005 - Daou Report

The storm may come and go, but Bush may be forever - Daou Report: "The third button on the Daou Report's navigation bar links to the U.S. Constitution, a Constitution many Americans believe is on life support - if not already dead. The cause of its demise is the corrosive interplay between the Bush administration, a bevy of blind apologists, a politically apathetic public, a well-oiled rightwing message machine, lapdog reporters, and a disorganized opposition. The domestic spying case perfectly illuminates the workings of that system. And the unfolding of this story augurs poorly for those who expect it to yield different results from other administration scandals."

Peter Daou concludes his piece:

"t's a battle of attrition that Bush and his team have mastered. Short of a major Dem initiative to alter the cycle, to throw a wrench into the system, to go after the media institutionally, this cycle will continue for the foreseeable future."

Daou is right.

If the Democrats do not use the Storm to go after the Media institutionally, there will be no lasting impact. Too many liberals and moderates keep waiting for the press corps to begin acting like hunting dogs with smell of blood in their nostrils. Ain't goin' happen.

Our political system's foundation is the absolute need for money to advertise. The money is spent with the Media. The need for the money corrupts every politician, in the interests of the wealthy and, especially, large corporations. "It" not Bush is the heart of this corrupt, decaying system.

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