Sunday, December 11, 2005

Presstitutes: Pre$$titutes Salivating Over Bush's 'Rising' Poll Numbers

Presstitutes: Pre$$titutes Salivating Over Bush's 'Rising' Poll Numbers: "look at the larger media landscape and you'll understand how Republicans keep winning elections and how a bumbling frat clown can be president despite a mountain of scandals and failed policies. First, there's the massive rightwing echo chamber (FOX, talk radio, a large think-tank-trained punditry, Drudge, etc.), unmatched by the left. Second, and more importantly, there's a flock of 'neutral' reporters (Russert, Mitchell, Woodward, Blitzer, Matthews, Schieffer, Fineman, and so on) who have mastered the art of insidiously pushing pro-Bush and anti-Democratic narratives. And last but not least, there are the many clueless Democrats who still haven't figured out that those mainstream narratives are sinking their party.

And all this against a backdrop of the right assailing the 'liberal media.'

The scary question is this: is there any hope of cleaning up this fetid environment? Is there some way of altering the dynamic, of changing the pro-Bush storyline? Not if the Democrats keep acting like the media issue is a sideshow..."

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