Thursday, January 5, 2006

4 Reasons to Be Glad Bush Is Still President

LA Weekly: Features: Zeitlist: Politics: 4 Reasons to Be Glad Bush Is Still President: "Another silver lining in the dark clouds over Washington is that it might be a swiftly breaking storm. "

Ezra Klein and Joshuah Bearman claim to list four reasons, but, really, they are all the same reason: Bush's re-election means that Bush will be around to reap what he has sown, that, since Bush is still President, Bush will be properly blamed for his own failures, in Iraq, on the Economy and generally.

The essence of a political storm is that events form an morally instructive narrative, by which the electorate learns the errors of its ways. Ezra and Joshuah are young enough to hope that the electorate learns something from the debacle which is Bush.

I have expressed the fear that the Democrats might get blamed for the costs of cleaning up after Bush -- for withdrawing from Iraq or raising taxes to restore fiscal sanity. We'll see.

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