Sunday, January 29, 2006

Triumph of the redistributionist left |

Triumph of the redistributionist left | "The political left in America is emerging victorious.

"No, this isn't about the damage that Jack Abramoff's mischief has done to the political right. Nor is it about President Bush's lousy poll numbers. And it doesn't refer to Democrats' recent win of two governorships.

"It's about something much deeper; namely, that the era of big government is far from over. Trends are decidedly in favor of that quintessential leftist goal: massive redistribution of wealth.

"Republicans' capture of both Congress and the White House was, understandably, a demoralizing blow to the left. But the latter can take solace that 'Republican' is no longer synonymous with spending restraint, free markets, and other ideals of the political right."

Once in a while, it is useful to take a look at just how completely delusional right-wing Republicans are. In absolute control of the Federal government, they have proven to be incompetent, corrupt liars; their only apparent goal is to redistribute wealth and income in favor of the wealthiest 1% of the population -- the one thing they have succeeded in doing, and doing spectacularly well. But, this is a triumph of the Left???

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