Monday, January 23, 2006

The bad news is not quite finished . . . - Comments: "I don't think the bad news is quite finished yet with regards to Rove, Abramoff, and other scandals. Depending on the timing of when more indictments come down this could be fresh in the minds of voters as they go to the polls later this year. Also, there is the Iraq factor. The last election was the last hope of a positive outcome in the near term. If they fail to form a government and if additional violence ratchets up, voters will be more likely to give someone else a chance to fix the mess over there. To top it off the more we sabre rattle with Iran, the more likely oil prices are to rise, leaving the little guy fuming at the pump. Lastly, as we head into the November elections we will be at the tail end of another hurricane season. I don't know how that plays out, but if the Katrina situation is still lingering down in the bayou, you can bet people will take notice."

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