Saturday, January 7, 2006

Daily Kos: Cook's early 2006 outlook

Daily Kos: Cook's early 2006 outlook: "While a huge wave could bring us control of at least one chamber in 2006, the odds are against it. "

Charlie Cook is a nominally "non-partisan" Republican, who handicaps the Congressional races. He is feeding the conventional wisdom, which says that the Democrats will not win control of either house in Congress. He predicts Democratic gains of two to four seats in the Senate, and a gain of four to nine seats in the House, just short of a majority in both chambers.

It is a discouraging meme, which Cook is creating, and kos is re-inforcing. The mid-terms will be the last time the Democrats can run "against" the Worst President Ever(tm), and they are projected by experts to remain impotent!

It would be a sad storm, indeed, which could not affect the election results!

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