Thursday, January 12, 2006

Daou: This, then, is the reality:

The Blog | Peter Daou: THE (Broken) TRIANGLE: Progressive Bloggers in the Wilderness | The Huffington Post: "This, then, is the reality: progressive bloggers and online activists -- positioned on the front lines of a cold civil war -- face a thankless and daunting task: battle the Bush administration and its legions of online and offline apologists, battle the so-called “liberal” media and its tireless weaving of pro-GOP narratives, battle the ineffectual Democratic leadership, and battle the demoralization and frustration that comes with a long, steep uphill struggle."

If there is no storm, it because the Democratic narrative generator is broken. As I have written, the essence of a political storm is a morally-instructive narrative to the voters, connecting political actions and the consequences, manifest in events.

Bush invades Iraq for no good reason; Bush screws up reconstruction in Iraq; Bush fails in Iraq and America suffers as a result of Bush policies. It is as simple as that.

But, as Daou points out, the Democrat story-telling machine is badly broken. The events are there: the U.S. has failed in the "GWOT", failed in Iraq; the economy is growing only for the corporations and the very rich; the President has broken the law, deceived the American people about the most serious matters, failed to respond to the devastation of Katrina; the Republicans have corrupted the government . . . . Events are there. But, the Storm seems to have receded, because the Democrats cannot muster a compelling narrative.

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