Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Deborah Howell at the Wash Post

Poynter Online - Forums: "If a newspaper prints something that is wrong, there should be a correction, and if something is unclear to the point where it suggests something that is not true, then there should be a clarification. And yet so far the Post has offered neither.

"Why not?"

Deborah Howell, the Republican, who is now, nominally, the ombudsman at the Washington Post, used her column recently to smear two Democratic Senators, implying that they are implicated in the Abramoff scandal.

One reason why scandal piles upon scandal, without a political storm raging is that the corporate right-wing media IS the corporate right-wing media, the once great, once liberal Washington Post included. The Post's conservative Republican publisher hired a Republican as ombudsman, and she has done her job. Don't expect either a clarification or correction.

The only sensible course for Democrats and patriots is to advocate the total destruction of the Media.

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